Images of objects


Regulations for providing access to and granting a one-off right
to publish images of MNP inventory objects:


1. The provision of digital representations of exhibits form the MNP’s collections is subject to a fee according to the price list.

2. In the case of a request for access to digital representations of MNP exhibits for non-commercial research, scientific or educational purposes, the images may be made available free of charge only if the MNP has a photograph of the object taken in accordance with the provisions of Section II, subsection 3 a).

3. Non-commercial research, scientific and educational purposes in particular include:

  • research papers, such as bachelor’s theses, master’s theses, doctoral theses or conference presentations,
  • educational activities, i.e. presentations of pupils’ and students’ work and their publications,
  • reviews, articles on popular science, scientific websites and blogs, etc.

4. All other purposes not mentioned in 3 above are considered as commercial purposes.

5. In the case of copyrighted inventory objects for which the MNP does not hold the economic copyright, photographs of these objects are made available or delivered following presentation to the MNP of a written consent of the holder of the economic copyright to make the image available.

6. MNP may refuse to provide a digital image of an MNP inventory object and permission to publish in the cases described in Article 6 of the Act of 11 August 2021 on Open Data and Re-use of Public Sector Information (Journal of Laws 2021, item 1641).

7. In order to obtain a digital reproduction of an inventory object, the requester has to submit a request by completing a dedicated form or write a letter including all required details.

8. Following the receipt of a digital image of an inventory object, the Requester is obliged to indicate the following information next to the published image: inventory number, owner, origin (provenance), author, title or name, as well as time and year of creation. The proper content of the information to be published next to the image will be provided to the Requester by e-mail.



Detailed rules for making images available for one-off publication:


1. One representative image of a museum exhibit is made available. Each additional image of a three-dimensional object or the reverse side of a flat object is charged extra according to the price list.

2. In the case of non-standard requests which trigger additional costs for MNP or require greater effort of the MNP staff, a fee will be charged which takes into account the cost or time of preparing and delivering the images. This fee will be calculated on a case-by-case basis.

Non-standard requests shall mean, for instances, macro images, formats other than those mentioned in 3 below, additional images of an object, special preparation of the object (in particular refers to complex exhibits etc.).

3. A digital image of the exhibit is made available:

a) in .tiff format, at 300 dpi, with the longer side of min. 3000 px,
b) in .jpg format (at the request of the Requester).

4. An additional fee may also be charged when under the terms of the licence granted to the MNP by the licensor free of charge digital images of the exhibit may not be made available;

5. MNP does not provide master files in RAW format.

6. In justified cases and at the express and justified request of the Requester, the MNP Director may reduce the fee specified in section III or exempt the Requester from the obligation to pay the aforementioned fees.



Price list


MNP introduces the following maximum charge rates for the provision or delivery of public sector information:

1. Through the ICT system – PLN 149 for a single file;

2. In the form of a digital copy (reproduction) – PLN 207 per one scan or digital photograph stored on a computer data carrier;

3. In the form of photographs:

  • for a piece no larger than 50 × 60 cm – PLN 204,
  • for 1 m2 in a format larger than specified in a) above – PLN 620,

4. In paper form:

  • per one copy page or colour print page:
    – in A4 format – PLN 71
    – in A3 format – PLN 89
  • per one copy page or black and white print page:
    – in A4 format – PLN 60,
    – in A3 format – PLN 79;

5. In the form of sound or image recording on a computer data carrier – PLN 93 for each commenced hour of recording;

6. For formats and methods of recording other than those specified in points 1-5 above – PLN 114 for each commenced hour of work of an MNP staff member.




1. The request for re-use shall be submitted in paper or electronic form and has to contain the following details:

a) Name of the responsible entity,
b) Information about the requester (name and address),
c) An indication of the public sector information, i.e. in this case the name/title of the museum, together with other information required to identify the object easily,
d) Indication of the purpose of the re-use,
e) Indication of the format or method of preparation of the public sector information,
f) Indication how the public sector information will be delivered.

2. Completing the request form shall be understood as acceptance of the terms and conditions for providing access to digital images and committing to provide correct description of the published photograph.

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