Images of objects

Rules for Sharing and Granting a Single Right to Publish Images of Inventory Objects of the National Museum in Poznań (MNP):

  1. With regard to images of MNP inventory objects, for which MNP holds copyright or license rights enabling use of the image, the release or sale of the image takes place after signing the appropriate contract with the grant of one-time publication rights to the MNP inventory object image.
  2. Images of inventory objects for which copyright has expired can be published by the Contractor without paying additional fees for granting publication rights.
  3. In the case of inventory objects protected by copyright, to which MNP does not hold copyright, the images of these inventory objects are made available or sold upon MNP’s receipt of confirmation from the Contractor demonstrating the Contractor’s holding of copyright rights enabling use of the image.
  4. MNP may refuse to make the image of the MNP inventory object available and to grant permission to publish it within the scope described in Article 6 of the Act of 25 February 2016 on the Re-use of Public Sector Information (Journal of Laws of 2016, item 352).
  5. In order to obtain the image, the Contractor must submit an order on the ‘Application for Re-Use of Public Sector Information’ form introduced by MNP Director’s Order No. 39/2017.
  6. MNP provides images of inventory objects through its FTP server. At the request of the Purchaser, MNP can provide copies via e-mail (file size must not exceed 20 MB), the Purchaser’s FTP server, or a CD/DVD sent by registered mail to the Purchaser’s correspondence address. The cost of the shipment is borne by the Purchaser.
  7. Upon receiving images of inventory objects, the Contracting Party is obliged to submit a statement obliging to include basic information about the object, i.e. the owner, provenance, author and title (if applicable), when publishing the image. The correct statement will be sent to the Contracting Party electronically.

II Fee for providing image and one-time publishing rights.:

  1. The images of the inventory objects of the MNP are provided free of charge in the following formats:
    • in jpg format, up to 3000 px of the longer side of the frame via FTP server (maximum resolution of the images provided by the MNP on the Internet
    • at 350 dpi in tiff format via the MNP FTP server
  2. The MNP reserves the right to charge the Contracting Party in special circumstances in which:
    • the terms of the licence granted by the MNP to the licensor make it impossible to provide the image free of charge.
    • The Contracting Party requests the provision of an image of an object that has not yet been taken, within the time frame in which, due to the current tasks and the digitalization schedule of the MNP, it cannot be taken by the MNP photographer and must be taken as part of an external service; then all the costs of the reproduction are borne by the Contracting Party.
    • The reproduction takes place after the Contracting Party pays the above costs on the basis of a pro forma invoice; the Contracting Party requests the image in a format other than that indicated in point 1 of this paragraph.
  3. The MNP does not provide reference files in RAW format.
  4. The fees referred to in point 2 of this paragraph may not exceed the maximum amounts specified in the Price List for the Reuse of Public Sector Information introduced by the MNP Director’s Regulation No. 44/2017.

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