Open to Art


Friday, 25.03.2022, 10:00 – 15:00

1. Organizer of the event: Open to Art Association
2. Title of the event: Hand-i-WORK for Ukraine
3. Location of the event: p. 28 in the MNP building, Poznań, entrance from Ludgarda street
4. Date of the event: 25.03.2022, Friday

Description of the event:

The bazaar aims to raise funds to support the residents of Ukraine affected by Russian aggression. The total income from the bazaar will be transferred to the account of the Polish Humanitarian Action.

We kindly ask the MNP employees and people from our circle of friends-artists to deliver by March 24, to Room 28 in the Main Building, (entrance from Ludgarda Street) between 9:00-15:00, an object, handicraft, product made by themselves, which they will personally assess and donate to the bazaar.

On March 25, each MNP employee and people friendly with MNP will be able to come and purchase their chosen “work” at the suggested price or higher, as a contribution to financial assistance for the Ukrainians affected by the war.

In Room 28, the bazaar will be conducted by members of the Open to Art Association, being the organizers of the bazaar: Andrzej Urbanowicz – the initiator, Katarzyna Trawińska, Marzena Prusińska, Wojciech Jenerałek, Justyna Żarczyńska, Paweł Napierała, Katarzyna Sinoracka.

Sanitary requirements will be observed: mask on the face.

We kindly ask you to get involved in creating your OWN WORK for the bazaar! Any kind of gift is valuable… priceless. We want to HELP the residents of Ukraine in the form that will be most needed at the moment, and we believe that Polish humanitarian organizations best know the needs of those affected by this ruthless war.


Katarzyna Trawińska 725 270 096

Marzena Prusińska: 504 343 648

In November 2021, at the initiative of museum employees, the new Association “Open to Art” was created. The purpose of the Association’s activities is to support the ideas and initiatives of museum employees and members of the Association. We acquire additional funds for museum projects of museum employees and members of the Association. We invite everyone to the Association, as it will be a forum for supporting interesting projects, sharing knowledge and gaining experience in various areas, as Katarzyna Trawińska, who holds the position of Secretary of the Association, says.

Main goals:

  • promoting and spreading national culture and heritage, as well as supporting cultural institutions, particularly the National Museum in Poznan;
  • utilizing the potential and resources of cultural institutions, particularly the National Museum in Poznan, to implement cultural projects and events.

Wojciech Jenerałek was elected as the President, and Dr Paweł Napierała assumed the role of Vice President.

Phone contact: 602 216 557

Payment details:
Association “Open to Art”
National Museum in Poznań
Marcinkowskiego Avenue 9
61-745 Poznań
VAT: 7792532548
Account number: 26 1140 2004 0000 3902 8192 3940
KRS: 0000933185