Głowa kobieca (studium)/ Młodość Duvocelle, Julien Adolphe

Głowa kobieca (studium)/ Młodość

Julien Adolphe Duvocelle (1873-1961) was a French painter, a pupil of Pharaon de Winter and Léon Bonnat. He studied at the École Académique in Lille and École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. For years, from 1898, he exhibited his works at the Salons of the Société des Artistes Français. In his work he dealt with genre painting and portraiture, specializing in head studies.

Description of the painting:
The painting depicts a young woman in a three-quarter view. The model is dressed in a dark outfit that covers her neck. A necklace reflecting light is visible on her chest and the reflections of light are also seen on the decorative aplice on her shoulder. The woman’s head is surrounded by dark hair that reaches her shoulders. Her face is oval, strongly illuminated. The features of the woman are soft, modeled by light. The woman’s calm gaze is directed to the lower right corner of the painting and her lips form a delicate smile. The dark background merges with the costume and the woman’s hair.

The artist used a dark palette of colors based on browns, making the work monochromatic. The model – a young woman – is a reflection of the painting’s subtitle – Youth. Her face is delicate, smoothed, full of youthful vitality. At the same time, it emanates tranquility and the use of a dark palette of colors gives an aura of coziness.