Jezioro (Visione del lago) Sartorelli, Francesco (1856 - 1939)

Jezioro (Visione del lago)

Francesco Sartorelli (1856-1939)
began his art career quite late, at the age of thirty-two. He had previously studied medicine, but abandoned it for a career as a flutist, which was then undermined by serious health issues. It was only then that he began to study painting. He was able to pursue his search for his life’s path for so long because he came from a wealthy family. His father, a lawyer, provided for his upkeep.

His art, distinguished by good craftsmanship, sensitivity and lightness of perception, was appreciated by critics. He painted mountain, city, countryside and seaside landscapes. His work was exhibited at the most important European exhibitions, where it quickly gained recognition. Thanks to a dealer operating in South America, his work was also appreciated at exhibitions in Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Valparaiso.

Description of the painting:
The large-sized painting in the Rogalin gallery attracts attention with its majestic beauty of the lake and the mountain mass behind it. The power of the unshakable mountains and the peace of the lake painted with delicate pastel colors with an enormous sensitivity to the beauty and variability of mountain views allow one to be transported for a moment to this faraway, deserted place. Delicate yellows, light greens, oranges and blues broken by grays create a perfectly harmonious color composition.