Koło wsi Gaspary, Robert-Fernand

Koło wsi

Robert-Fernand Gaspary (? – ?), a French painter born in Tripoli, was mentioned in Paris from 1909. In 1904, he studied painting at the Julian Academy in Paris. He studied with Marcel Baschet, Paul Gervaise and Pierre Gourdault. From 1909 he exhibited at the Salons of the Société des Artistes Français. In his work he dealt with genre painting and landscape painting.

Description of the painting:
The painting depicts a idyllic view of a meadow near a village. The foreground is covered with grass and sheep grazing. The second plane is a golden wheat field with buildings of a village or small town in the background. The upper part of the canvas is a blue sky with white clouds. The artist based the work on the diagonal descending on the first plane. It creates a strip of green, crossed by a white strip of sheep, and adjacent strip of golden grains. Opposed to them is a vertical strip of village buildings. The palette in the work is based on greens, browns and blues. The warm, intense colors and the portrayed scene show the idyllic face of the village.