Krajobraz Owidzki, Jan Felicjan (1852 - 1913)


Jan Felicjan Owidzki (1852-1913)
began his studies in the Warsaw Drawing Class, where he became friends with Leon Wyczółkowski. Together with him, he studied at the Munich Academy. He exhibited both in Poland and abroad. In his work, he mainly dealt with landscape and genre painting *.

Description of the painting:
“Landscape” by Owidzki is a pastoral spring landscape showing a pond surrounded by vegetation. On the foreground is visible a meadow, in the lower left corner of the painting dotted with small white flowers. A path leading from the right side of the lower edge of the canvas leads to the pond. The surface of the reservoir is almost silver. The artist gave light reflexes, so that the viewer almost sees the movement of the water. The static composition is also broken by a bird hovering over the water. On the distant shore, a stork whose bright figure against the dark wall of the forest is reflected in the mirror of the water. The left part of the second plan is taken by the edge of the forest depicted in a dark tonality. Between the trees, lighter parts are visible, suggesting a clearing in the background. The upper part of the canvas is occupied by a characteristic gray-blue sky.

The painting is painted with a blurry contour. The artist captured an ephemeral scene of nature on the canvas. The presence of storks emphasizes the Polishness of the landscape. The landscape emanates peace, gives comfort and a sense of security.