Las Palmie, Charles (1863 - 1911)


Charles J[ohann] Palmie (1863-1911
), a German painter. He studied with Emil Rieck in Dresden and then continued his studies at the Dresden Academy. In 1884 he moved to Munich, where he continued his education. In his work he dealt with landscape painting. It is defined that he comes from the circle of landscape painters grown out of the tradition of Biedermeier.

Description of the painting:
The work depicts a forest landscape. The composition is based on horizontal, diagonal strips. The foreground is occupied by a shore overgrown with lush dark green grass. The next strip creates a stream bed. The horizontal arrangement is broken by the trunks of birches that appear in the water and are also visible on the opposite bank. In the water mirror, the trunks of trees and the blue-orange sky at sunset are reflected. The distant bank of the river seems to be overgrown with dense vegetation.

It seems as if the titular forest forms the background for the stream rising diagonally. The artist paid great attention to rendering the light phenomena appearing on the water mirror. He also paid special attention to showing the birches’ bark. The work, by showing the trees rising above the upper edge of the painting, is a glimpse of nature captured by the artist.