Lasy Krajobraz jesienny

Lasy / Krajobraz jesienny

André Dauchez (1870-1948)
takes us to French Brittany. The landscape shows a view spreading from the slope of a small hill. Its edge is outlined in the foreground. The characteristic coastal line with numerous coves has been clearly reproduced by the artist. They are accompanied by vast stretches of sandy wild beaches covered with grass. They emphasize the meandering river meanders. Autumn has arrived in Brittany. It left its mark in the form of a dominant brown-olive color of the trees and shrubs presented on the painting and the purple-pink hue of the sky at sunset.

Description of the painting:
The dirtied palette and large colored spots of cloud-like tree crowns emphasize the shining area in the depths of the presentation. The shimmering blue mirror of the water and the line of golden-green forest stretching on the horizon separate the sandy shores. These are the last light bastions of the painting field. They seem to escape from the shadow advancing from the right side of the whole presentation.

The Breton coast charms with its peace, silence and nature subordinating everything to its rhythm. It brings relief. It allows you to stand for a moment on the slope of the hill and surrender to the contemplation of the beauty surrounding us from all sides.