Studium kobiety (Akt) von Marr, Carl (1858 - 1936)

Studium kobiety (Akt)

Carl von Marr (1858-1936)
was a German artist, associated with the “Luitpold-Gruppe”, “Bayern” and the “Ortsgruppe München des Verbandes deutscher Illustratoren”. He studied under Ferdinand Schauss in Weimar, Karl Gussow in Berlin and Gabriel von Max and Wilhelm von Lindenschmit in Munich. In 1909 he was granted a title of nobility. In the early period of his work he mainly painted scenes from German history and portraits. However, his female nudes brought him the greatest recognition*.

Description of the painting:
This work is a study for a larger oil painting. The model featured in it appears in several other works by the artist **. She is shown in a seated position, in a very characteristic pose. Her body is twisted slightly, facing down to the knees. Her thighs and abdomen are covered with a delicate, semi-transparent white cloth. She leans to her left side. This direction is highlighted further with her left hand lying lifelessly on the back of her hand and her head bent to the left side of the painting. The tilt of her head is reinforced by her right hand, holding her reddish hair up to her shoulder.

The model poses in such a way that all the viewer’s attention is focused on her naked breasts and stomach. The raised right arm allows for better lighting of them with the light rays coming from the left side of the frame. The ochre background emphasizes the lines of the woman’s body elegantly curved. Meanwhile, the brownish color spots repeat the left part of her silhouette in the form of her shadow being cast.