W podwórku Grott, Teodor (1884 - 1972)

W podwórku

Teodor Grott (1884-1972)
studied at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts, among others, under Leon Wyczółkowski. He visited Paris, London, Brussels and Italy. He lived in Krakow. He exhibited at the Warsaw Society for the Encouragement of the Fine Arts and at the Krakow Society of Friends of the Fine Arts. He mainly created in the technique of watercolor. He painted portraits, nudes, landscapes, still lifes and architecture *. He was the president of the Association of Visual Artists groupTen and the Trade Union of Visual Artists in Krakow. He was awarded several times, including by the SocietyZachęta for the paintingThree Sisters and by the TSP in Krakow for the work entitledSummer **. He was also interested in artistic craftsmanship, together with his wife he opened a kilim factory in Krakow ***.

Description of the painting:
The painter has captured a fragment of a characteristic courtyard of a modest Galician townhouse with a projecting roof supported by wooden columns of the arcade. The ground floor, as was customary, was probably intended for warehouses or servicecommercial premises. The wooden stairs covered with boards led to the wooden arcade, through which you could go to the apartments on the first floor. Above the roofs of the buildings, a multisided tower, perhaps a town hall, towers. In its upper part, a black clock face is placed, decorated with golden figures. It is crowned with a bulbous helmet with a spire. The artist uses large, somewhat soiled planes of color. The darkest parts, in the shade, are emphasized with blue, passing into indigo. It focuses on capturing the details of the sculpted parts, fragments of architectural details, or overlapping roof surfaces. In the Courtyard by Teodor Grot captures a rare urban view in which the walled tower of the representative building is seen from the perspective of a modest courtyard, to which even the hustle and bustle seems to no longer reach. Capturing the atmosphere of this deserted alley, the artist also captured the particular characteristics of the local buildings.