Widoki morskie I Son (zw. Johannes-Son), Johannes (1859 - 1946)

Widoki morskie I

Johannes Son (1859-1946)
was a French artist. He studied under Ed Yon in Paris. For years he exhibited at the Salon de Société Nationale des BeauxArts and other French Salons. He was a representative of the socalled Lyon school. He was engaged in landscape painting and graphics.

Description of the painting:
Seascapes I is the left part of the diptych depicting the view of the harbor with sailing boats moored. The composition is built along the horizontal lines, conveying peace and static. The artist used almost monochromatic color palette based on blues and whites. The water surface in the foreground is created by a mosaic of short brush strokes made with different shades of blue. On the left edge of the painting, the divide between the water and the sky is captured in darkcolored sailing boats with complex sails. The perspective from the air is used in the center of the work, according to which the images of the boats and the distance become blurred. Behind them, a hill outline can be seen. The sky part is covered with dense white clouds, from behind which glimpses of blue appear. It occupies almost the same space as the water part.

The landscape exudes peace, encourages relaxation and contemplation. Through the play of light and shade and the composition of the view, it recalls the works of the Impressionists.