Wieczór w Chioggia Dill, Ludwig (1848 - 1940)

Wieczór w Chioggia

Ludwig Dill (1848-1940) studied architecture in Stuttgart and then painting at the Munich Academy. Adolf Lier and the Barbizon school had strong influences on his art. For 15 years, until 1893, he lived in Munich and spent his annual vacation in the fishing village of Choggia near Venice. This led him to paint maritime landscapes. When he moved to Dachau in 1893 he became a founding member of theNeuDachau group and his art became closer to the Junendstill style. In 1899 he became a professor at the Academy in Karlsruhe.

Description of the painting:
This painting is a depiction of the artist‘s last summer spent in Chioggia, known asLittle Venice,” located in the Venetian Lagoon. It shows a peaceful evening in the harbor, with fishermen finishing their day of work. Warm rays of the sun are cast upon the foreground boat, its sail, the water, and the distant houses, intermingling with the cold colors of the evening. The entire scene is draped with the grey mist rising from the water.

Little Venice is the name given to the island of Chioggia located in the Venetian Lagoon. The city built on water is still a very charming and peaceful place. Unlike the famous Venice for centuries, Chioggia has preserved its intimacy and is not overcrowded with tourists. Perhaps it was this that attracted Ludwig Dill, a German landscape painter. For 15 years he spent his annual holid

The painting “Evening in Chioggia” is a kind of farewell to the city, as it was painted in the last summer the artist spent there. It shows the rising evening mists and the setting sun reflected in distant buildings and on the sail of a first-rate boat. The extraordinary light, absorbed by the sailcloth, is warm and flickering, yet delicate and matte. Its reflections also appear on the water and clouds, penetrating like the warm sunlight the entire presentation and mixing with the dusty, cold blues. This play of warm and cold colors perfectly illustrates the evening weather, in which the last warm rays mix with the coldness of ever deeper shadows. The entire composition was painted with broken colors and blurred grays, emphasizing the peaceful atmosphere of the evening. The landscape invites to meditation and rest.ays in this small fishing village, which inspired him to create moody marine landscapes, which he is now known for.