Wieczorem Guinier, Henri Jules (1867 - 1927)


Henri Jules Guinier (1867-1927)
was a French genre painter, portraitist and a celebrated and awarded creator of female nudes, which he presented in allegorical and mythological settings. He also captured rural scenery Belgian, Dutch and Breton. He studied at the Académie Julian in Paris and then became a member of Société des Artistes Français*.
Guinier‘s painted nudes refer to symbolic art. His works are meant to stimulate the viewer‘s imagination in two ways. On the one hand, the mood of the presentation invites contemplation and reflection, on the other hand, subtly chosen colors and references to Pointillism intensify purely sensory and aesthetic impressions**.

The artist, like FernandMarieEugène LegoutGérard, was fascinated by Concarneau and Breton culture. He often captured the city and its coastline in his works.***.

Description of the image:
In the paintingLandscape with Female Figure we see the figure of a young girl sitting on the slope of one of the hills surrounding the bay. The naked woman sat on a blue cloth, which she may have covered her body with after a recent bath. She rested her head on the branch of a tree growing nearby. It is entwined with green vines of ivy.

Dark, chestnut hair, twisted into one strand freely falls down her naked back. Her gaze is directed ahead, looking into the distance, towards the expanse of water and mountains in front of her. Her hands remain intertwined. Her light, almost alabaster body contrasts with the slender outlines of the dark green trees painted on the left side of the canvas.