The National Museum in Poznan is looking for volunteers. We invite adults who are willing to cooperate, especially: students, students and seniors.

Anyone can be a volunteer, no prior experience in a cultural institution is necessary, although for some tasks it may be necessary. During the recruitment process, we will take into account interests, knowledge, preparation and abilities necessary to perform certain tasks, in order to make the work in the Museum as satisfying as possible for the volunteer.

Obszary współpracy:

  • The Print Cabinet – processing and documenting collections, assistance with object framing and warehouse work
  • Ancient Art Gallery – processing and documenting collections, database ordering
  • MNP Education Department – assistance with conducting and preparing educational activities (creating props)
  • Inventory Department – database ordering, scanning photographs
  • IT Department – technical support, warehouse organization
  • MNP Archive – data input to database and document organization
  • Promotion and Communication Office – creating descriptions of works for posts on social media, creating short video materials, adapting videos for people with hearing impairments (creating subtitles)
  • Museum of Musical Instruments – assistance with educational activities
  • Ethnographic Museum – processing non-European collections, assistance with educational activities, inputting data to e-inventory
  • Town Hall – Poznań Museum – digitization, archiving collections
  • Palace Museum in Rogalin and Gołuchów Castle Museum – support for exhibition.


  • Working at one of the largest museums in Poland
  • An opportunity to interact daily with works of art
  • The possibility to benefit from the knowledge and experience of experts
  • Development of interests and an opportunity to upgrade qualifications

Contact: wolontariat@mnp.art.pl