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Muzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu

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Forms in a Space.


12 July
13 September
National Museum in Poznań

Anna Borowiec – MNP,
Mateusz Bieczyński – UAP

arrangement of exhibition: Rafał Górczyński



Al. Marcinkowskiego 9 61-745 Poznań
Events and Exhibitions

Forms in a Space.

Outdoor Sculpture of Poznań in the 1960s and the 1970s.


15 zł
10 zł
mix ticket- permanent exposition and exposition; normal
26 zł
mix ticket- permanent exposition and exposition; concessionary
16 zł

In Poznań, there are a few dozens of sculptures created in the post-war period. These are both abstract forms and figural sculptures, depicting athletes and animals,  or objects that refer to the subject of motherhood and family, which was particularly popular during the communist era. Unfortunately, for many residents of Poznań such objects are anonymous traces of artistic activities from the previous era. Although they were created specifically as art for public space and inscribed in the fabric of parks and housing estates created in the 1960s and 1970s, they fell into ruin after several decades. The surrounding area was overgrown with vegetation, new investments appeared in the background, which were not planned at the stage of designing new city districts. Sculptures made of metal have often become the loot of thieves. Those made of the cheapest concrete started to crumble years later. The ones that remained they have become invisible or are considered to be visually disturbing by some residents.

The 1960s and 1970s were two decades particularly important for the Polish outdoor sculpture. At that time, numerous outdoor workshops, competitions, symposia, and meetings were held, often in cooperation with local authorities. All of it as a result of a nationwide initiative introduced by The Section of Sculpture of the Polish Association of Artists.  Events organized across Poland resulted in creating many distinctive sculptures. The most interesting project were created in Elbląg during The Biennale of Spatial Forms organized in the years 1965-1973 and in Lublin during Lublin Art Meetings held in the years 1976-1978.   Sculptures that are still standing in Park Cytadela and the housing estates of the Rataje Distict were created around that time.

The exhibition Forms in a Space features the existing and non-existing models of outdoor sculptures created by Poznań-based artists: Jan Bakalarczyk, Marian Banasiewicz, Jan Berdyszak, Mieczysław Chojnacki, Benedykt Kasznia, Pelagia Kopczyńska, Józef Kopczyński, Anna Krzymańska, Józef Murlewski, Zuzanna Pawlicka, Józefa Petruk, Andrzej Pukacki, Anna Rodzińska, Jerzy Sobociński, Irena Woch and Bazyli Wojtowicz. The exhibition of sculptures will be accompanied by archival photographs by Jerzy Nowakowski and a series of photographs by Magdalena Andrynowska, documenting the current state of outdoor sculptures standing in Park Citadela and across the Rataje District.

The exhibition is coorganized by Foundation Rarytas  and Artistic University in Poznań.

Website of project:

Honourable patronage: President of Poznań City

Media patronages of exhibition: TVP3, Radio Poznań, Sukces po Poznańsku, IKS, Gazeta Wyborcza,

In teaser part of piece by Feliks Nowowiejski, Beatrycze symphonic Poem op.17 nr 1 (1903) was used, performanced by Symphonic Orchestra of Opolska Philharmonic Hall.

Curator guides by Anna Borowiec are planned on Saturdays:

8 th of August 12 a.m.

22 th of August 12 a.m.

Events and Exhibitions