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Digital images

The general principles concerning making publicly available of inventory items, as well as granting the right to publicize images of inventory items of the NMP, to which the NMP holds the author’s economic rights and/or licences.


The principles of making publicly available and granting one-off right to publicize images of inventory items of the NMP:

  1. With respect to the inventory items of the NMP, to which the NMP holds the author’s economic rights and/or licences allowing for disposition of the item’s image, making available or disposing of the item’s image, the act of making available or the disposal of the image shall take place after the signing of a relevant agreement which should grant the right to a one-off right to publicize the image of the inventory item of the NMP.
  2. The images of the inventory items, to which the author’s economic rights have expired, may be published by the Ordering Party without making any additional payments for granting the right to publicize.
  3. In the case of the inventory items protected with a copyright, for which the NMP does not hold author’s economic rights, the images of such inventory items are made available or disposed after the Ordering Party has presented to the NMP of a document confirming the right of the Ordering Party for disposition of the author’s economic rights allowing for disposition of the image.
  4. The NMP may refuse to make available the image of an inventory item of the NMP or to issue a permit to publicize in the scope described in Art. 6 of the Law on the Re-use of Public Sector Information of 25th February 2016 (Journal of Laws of 2016, item 3520.
  5. To obtain the image, the Ordering Party has to submit an order on the form entitled “Re-use of Public Sector Information Application” implemented by the force of the Regulation of the NMP Director no. 39/2017.
  6. The NMP shall make available the images of inventory items via the FTP server of the NMP. At the request of the Ordering Party, the NMP may transfer representations by way of an electronic mail (the file size cannot exceed 20 MB), the FTP server of the Ordering Party or a CD/DVD disc sent by a registered mail with a conformation of a receipt to the address for correspondence of the Ordering Party. The cost of postage shall be borne by the Ordering Party.
  7. Upon receiving the images of inventory items, the Ordering Party shall be obliged to make a statement including an obligation to place next to the publicized image all principal information on the item, i.e. the owner, origin (provenance), author, title (if applicable). The correct wording of the statement shall be forwarded to the Ordering Party by electronic mail.


The amounts of charges for making available of images and a one-off right to publicize: 

  1. Images of inventory items of the NMP shall be made available free of charge in the following formats:
  • in the JPG format, max. 3000 px of the longer side of the frame, via the FTP server (the maximum resolution of the image made available by the NMP on Internet).
  • in the resolution of 350 dpi in the TIFF format via the FTP server of the NMP.
  1. The NMP reserves its right to impose charges on the Ordering Party in special situations, when:
  • the conditions of a licence granted to the NMP by the licenser do not allow for a free-of-charge availability of the image;
  • the Ordering Party requests for making available of an image which has not been executed yet, within a deadline when – due to current tasks and time schedule of digitalisation works of the NMP – it cannot be made by the NMP photographer and it must be made as a subcontracted service; then, the total cost of making the representation shall be borne by the Ordering Party. The representation shall be made after the Ordering Party has paid the above mentioned costs pursuant to a pro-forma invoice.
  • the Ordering Party requests to make the image available in a format other then those indicated in point 1 of this paragraph.
  1. The NMP shall not make available any of the model files in the RAW format.
  2. The charges referred to in point 2 of this paragraph cannot be higher than the maximum amounts defined in the Pricelist for making available of the public sector information for re-use, implemented with the Regulation of the NMP Director no. 44/2017.



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